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This Wifi 6 router adopts (Qualcomm IPQ6000)Quad ARM Cortex A53 at 1.2GHz 64-bit ISA v8 Powerful 4-Core CPU Processor. Equipped with 256MB DDR3 high-speed memory, it provides powerful data forwarding and processing capabilities, with the characteristics of high bandwidth, high access, low delay, and low power consumption. Supporting 802.11ax wireless technology, provide 1800m wireless transmission rate, supporting easy Mesh networking, four high gain dual-polarized antennas, stronger signal, and wider coverage.

High Speed:Adopting 1024-QAM high-order modulation, dual-band concurrent wireless rate up to 1800mbps;
Low Delay:Supporting OFDMA technology, bid farewell to waiting, delay can reduce 2 / 3 compared with traditional WiFi 5 router;
High Capacity:Supporting MU-MIMO technology, allowing more devices to transmit at the same time;
Strong Security:Supporting WPA3 encryption technology, improve encryption strength, prevent violent attacks, improve connection security;
Easy networking:Supporting mesh one-click technology, intelligent networking, plug, and play, realize the whole house signal coverage;
IPV6:Supporting IPv6 technology, with larger address space, improves the forwarding efficiency of the WiFi 6 router.

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